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d’ORO comes from Maieru,
the wild ancient regions of the
Rodna Carpathian Mountains National Park
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve
#1 Gold & Silver Artesian Natural Spring Water (Still)

Welcome to d’ORO

Where Nature’s Treasures Meet

More than twenty years ago, Mihai Bucovan, a curious man, set out to search for marble in the rugged and mountainous regions of the Carpathians in Maieru. Little did he know that his expedition would lead to a remarkable discovery that would fascinate the world.

One fateful day, while wandering through the picturesque countryside, the explorer stumbled upon a hidden spring. The locals spoke of it in hushed tones. Legends told of its healing properties that rejuvenated those brave enough to drink from its crystalline depths.

Intrigued by the stories surrounding this enchanted water, the marble explorer decided to take a sample for analysis. The events that followed were beyond his wildest dreams. The laboratory analysis shocked everyone: the water contained colloidal gold and silver, a treasure hidden in the earth.

Motivated by the need to share this extraordinary discovery with the world, extensive research was conducted to compare the gold and silver content with other sources, but to no avail. There was nothing like it on earth. The purity and abundance of these precious metals in the water was unparalleled, making it a natural wonder that truly inspires awe.

As a tribute to the discovery that revolutionized the industry, the company that bottles this remarkable natural colloidal water enriched with gold and silver chose the name d’ORO, which honors nature’s precious contribution.


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Our Mission

At d’ORO, we value the secrets of the Carpathian source and embrace the wonders it offers us. With a deep respect for nature’s gifts, we have created a product that combines elegance and well-being. Every drop of d’ORO water embodies the beauty of nature’s alchemy and has the potential to provide a rejuvenating experience.

We are committed to preserving the pure essence of water and bringing it to you in its purest form. Our fusion of nature’s treasures with the art of d’ORO bottles, featuring delicate motifs interwoven with gold and silver details, demonstrates our dedication to elegance and sophistication.

As you embark on this journey of wonder and refinement, we invite you to experience the charm of d’ORO, a natural elixir that encapsulates the essence of gold and colloidal silver, both gifts from the earth itself.

Welcome to d’ORO, where the treasures of nature unite in every drop, bringing the magic of rejuvenation to life and honoring the beauty of the Earth’s hidden wonders.



“This water is the best I’ve ever tasted”

– E. Latu

“This water is for superstars”

– Dan V.

“The story behind your water source is your strength”

– Candice J.

“Since I drink this water, I have way less face skin problems.
I could say goodbye acne, hello beauty!”

– Natalia D.

“Such a rare source of water. We must do content for this brand”

– M. Riese


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