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A New Legend

Explore AthenX by d’ORO – a fusion of purity and luxury in every sip. This isn’t just water; it’s an emblem of sophistication, inviting you to partake in its storied journey.

Experience the extraordinary with AthenX.


by d’ORO

The epitome of luxury in every drop. A fresh standard for elegance. Experience the untouched purity, ensuring every sip is as nature intended. Discover the tale of AthenX - born from the heart of Athens. Strength Reimagined, the unwavering human spirit in every detail. Crowning Elegance. A masterpiece in gold, encapsulates luxury at its peak. Reign over your senses. Remember: you're the king of your kingdom.

Elegance Redefined

The AthenX bottle stands as a masterpiece, encapsulating the essence of refined elegance. It carries within it stories untold, a testament to the journey of water from the heart of the earth to your lips.

Nature’s Touch

The AthenX bottle serves as a beacon of nature’s beauty. It symbolizes a seamless fusion of the purest waters from around the globe, infused with a touch of luxury.

A Symphony of Elements

The AthenX bottle, embellished with the artistry of d’ORO, represents the harmonious balance between the earth’s elements and exquisite craftsmanship. Every sip invites you to partake in a unique symphony of gold and silver water, crafted for the discerning palate.



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“This water is the best I’ve ever tasted”

– E. Latu

“This water is for superstars”

– Dan V.

“The story behind your water source is your strength”

– Candice J.

“Since I drink this water, I have way less face skin problems.
I could say goodbye acne, hello beauty!”

– Natalia D.

“Such a rare source of water. We must do content for this brand”

– M. Riese


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