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crafted for YOU

Crafted by You, Perfected by Us

World’s #1 Natural colloidal Gold & Silver Water, sourced from the pristine springs of the wild ancient regions of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains, in the CUSTOM category.
Every element, from bottle design to label aesthetics and packaging, reflects your unique identity. By personalising your d’ORO experience, you become the maestro of opulence on your canvas of expression. This category resonates with those who want to make a statement and offers a seamless collaboration between your vision and our expertise, resulting in a truly bespoke masterpiece.


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Let’s make something amazing together!

Visual appeal combined with a great luxury product

Great works begin with rough ideas and crude concepts, but transform the design of the bottle in a way that makes you want to own one, YOURS!

Turning idea into art

Striking effects for your brand with custom d’ORO bottle & visual appeal combined with a great luxury product.

Stop dreaming and start doing

Disrupt into the authentic legacy of the d’ORO world & let’s build your next-gen dream bottle.



How Do It

We believe in synergy. Our experts will collaborate closely with you to understand your vision, values, and aspirations. This initial step ensures that the essence of your brand aligns seamlessly with the aesthetics of your custom bottle.


Artwork & Labeling

Our dedicated design team takes your insights and transforms them into visually stunning reality. From intricate artwork to crafting a bespoke label, we meticulously weave in every detail that signifies your brand’s story and essence.


Your Identity

Your brand deserves a spotlight. Whether it’s a signature logo, a symbol of heritage, or a unique insignia, we will tastefully integrate your identity onto the bottle. This not only makes it an exclusive masterpiece but also a true embodiment of your brand’s character

Elevate your product’s presence and impact with this unparalleled journey of customization – where innovation and individuality converge.

It’s more than a bottle; it’s an eloquent expression of your brand’s legacy.


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“This water is the best I’ve ever tasted”

– E. Latu

“This water is for superstars”

– Dan V.

“The story behind your water source is your strength”

– Candice J.

“Since I drink this water, I have way less face skin problems.
I could say goodbye acne, hello beauty!”

– Natalia D.

“Such a rare source of water. We must do content for this brand”

– M. Riese


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