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Discover the purity of d’ORO

We are proud to offer you our natural spring water, naturally enriched with Gold & Silver colloids.
UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, comes from Maieru, the wild ancient regions of the Rodna Carpathians National Park.
Tapped from a pristine natural spring and bottled with care, it offers a taste that refreshes the senses and connects with the beauty of nature.

Discover the elegance of d’ORO

d’ORO doesn’t stop only at exceptional water.
Our passion for craftsmanship and design has led us to work with skilled artisans who create stunning bottles with delicate accents.
We meticulously source our natural spring water, infused with Gold & Silver colloids, and present it in exquisitely designed luxury bottles.
Each bottle reflects the perfect harmony of aesthetics and sophistication.
Whether you are looking for a personal retreat or an exceptional gift, d’ORO invites you to savour the fusion of nature’s finest and timeless luxury with every sip and every glance.
Join us on a journey of pure elegance.

Experience d’ORO – where nature meets luxury.



“This water is the best I’ve ever tasted”

– E. Latu

“This water is for superstars”

– Dan V.

“The story behind your water source is your strength”

– Candice J.

“Since I drink this water, I have way less face skin problems.
I could say goodbye acne, hello beauty!”

– Natalia D.

“Such a rare source of water. We must do content for this brand”

– M. Riese


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