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ALWAYS Elegance

Experience the harmonious blend of nature’s bounty with our STANDARD collection.
PURE BY DEFAULT – Sourced from the pristine springs of the wild ancient regions of Transylvania’s Carpathian Mountains, the natural colloidal Gold & Silver water brings a touch of opulence to your every moment.
Perfect for restaurants, hotels, weddings and private gatherings, this collection turns the ordinary into the EXTRAordinary.
Indulge in the subtle luxury of d’ORO water, which offers both refreshment and a touch of the exceptional in your every special accasion


STANDARD collection

Dance sWHIRL Nature's A captivating masterpiece, embodies the ever-changing dance of the seasons. A vessel of elegance, this design encapsulates the beauty of nature's eternal cycle. Elevate your everyday moments with a touch of seasonal wonder, as the "sWHIRL" model carries within it the essence of each passing phase. Learn More Dreams BARBIE & KEN Inspired Dive into the world of dreams inspired by the magic of the "BARBIE" and "KEN" movies where fantasy meets sophistication.
Embrace a touch of whimsical elegance and let these models transport you to a realm of enchantment every day.
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Elegance ELGA Simplicity Meet "ELGA", a masterpiece of understated sophistication.
A celebration of minimalist elegance with classical reminiscences, its immaculate white canvas serves as a symphonic backdrop to an exquisite golden cascade.
Elevate your rituals with a touch of refinement that exudes timeless charm.
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Glamour OSKAR Radiant Attract attention with the stunning designer model OSKAR", which embodies the glamour of the red carpet and the grandeur of ceremonies.
A testament to unparalleled charm, it is a tribute to elegance and prestige, adding a touch of Hollywood glamour to your experience.
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Elegance nGEN Motion A symbol of refined dynamism that harmonizes seamlessly with luxury car showrooms and vibrant gatherings.
The "nGEN" model becomes the centerpiece of spirited celebrations, echoing the exuberance of luxury vehicles and creating an unforgettable ambiance.
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“This water is the best I’ve ever tasted”

– E. Latu

“This water is for superstars”

– Dan V.

“The story behind your water source is your strength”

– Candice J.

“Since I drink this water, I have way less face skin problems.
I could say goodbye acne, hello beauty!”

– Natalia D.

“Such a rare source of water. We must do content for this brand”

– M. Riese


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